Nuh 01 October – buy millet under vortex Barpii plan for the purchase of millet during the kharif marketing season 2018-19.

Publish Date : 03/10/2018

Nuh, 01 October: – The Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Haryana, Chandigarh has ensured that during the Kharif Marketing Season 2018-19, for any purchase of millet under the Bhawar Bharti Yojana for the procurement of millet, any kind of complaint Mandi level grievance redressal committee has to be constituted to resolve the same in Mandi Mandi level. While giving more details about this, Additional Deputy Commissioner Vikram Singh informed that the HCS officials have been appointed by the Chief Secretary’s office, Government of Haryana, Department of Employees and 3 members of related departments have to be appointed.
He told that appointing all the concerned officers / employees has ordered that strict compliance with the said orders should be followed. He said that Shri Pradeep Kumar – HCS President whose mobile number is 99969-57207, Manoj Kumar, STO member of Agriculture Department, who is in the grain market of Nuh. 98122-81461, Raj Kumar, Secretary M.C. Nuh No. 90532-04858, Sunil Kumar, Manager HWC Day 1. 3. 5 Members 94167-16549 and Rajbir Singh, Manager, HAFED Day 2. 4.6 Members 94664-62777 and Vijay Kumar Assistant Food Supply Control Officer 98961-64116 Has been appointed in the market.
He said that in this way, section Varendra Chaudhary, HCS President of Anaj Mandi in Tawadu, whose mobile number is 94167-66035 and his members are Bhairam ASCO Agriculture Department, whose mobile number is 94666-16046, Manish Kumar, Secretary MC Tauru appointed as a member Who has been MO Number 98128-55157, and Jagdish Chand, Manager Hafed Day 2.4.6 Member 99967-98129 and Vijay Kumar Assistant Food Supply Controlling Officer and Chandram Coordinator 79820-37233 etc. Mandi Level Grievance Committee Committee has been constituted.