Nuh, 08 July: – Chairman and Managing Director of Power Corporation Shatrujeet Kapoor launched the “Rise of planning”.

Publish Date : 09/07/2018

Nuh, 08 July: – Chairman and Managing Director of Power Corporation, Shatrujeet Kapoor, today launched the “Uday Yojna” run by the Ministry of Power in the small secretariat auditorium and on this occasion, the Prime Minister said that the Panchayat representatives Information about the officers and staff of village secretaries and other related departments.
The Chairman and Managing Director said that all present Sarpanches and departments of the department and the employees told them to work together and remove corruption. He said that 24 hours electricity is being given in districts like Gurgaon and Faridabad. He said that you have to cooperate with all the people to get electricity in your district as soon as possible 24 hours. Along with that you said that people will have to bring people ahead for more and more new power connections and stop them from stealing electricity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the main objective of bringing this scheme is to make electricity in every home. He said that Nuh has been backward due to the report issued by the District Policy Commission. Shri Kapoor said that there are some departments whose schemes are not directly reaching the common people.
He said that the main purpose of the good luck plan is to reach the power of 100% households. He said that under this scheme poor people living in remote areas in villages will be benefitted. He said that five thousand five hundred new pillars have been sent in the district, which will be started in the district soon. He said that 17 to 18 thousand new connections have been received in the district so far they will be made available soon. He said that there are still 18,000 families who have no electricity connection and are using electricity for theft. He said a new scheme of Rs. 10 crores will be started for the district, in which power meter, pillars, transformers etc. will be installed and till December of this year no load will be given to any transform. He said that till March 31, 2019 all the work has been completed.
He said that any Panchayat in the entire district will get 80% or more connection of electricity, he will be given separate grant for development work of the village. They told all the sarpanches that they had announced to their religious leaders that they would not steal power and would send electricity bills.
Chandar Ram Sharma, Director of Solar Energy Company told all present village secretaries and Sarpanches that you have to stop the theft of electricity in your village. Make the villagers aware about the use of more and more solar lights in the village and motivate the villagers to install the Solar Light. He said that this will give you all the benefits of various types.
On this occasion, SK Basal from the South Haryana Power Distribution Corporation, Sanjeev Chopra Chief Engineer, ML Rohilla SE, South Haryana Power Distribution Corporation, Palwal, Executive Engineer, South Haryana Power Distribution Corporation along with Ramrinivas, officers and employees of the South Haryana Power Distribution Corporation and Sarpanch Village Secretary also be present.

Chairman and Managing Director, Shatrujeet Kapoor.