Under the meaningful efforts made by the government to reach the international level of Yoga, International Yoga District is being celebrated at Mewat Model School in Mewat on June 21.

Start : 19/06/2018 End : 21/06/2018

Venue : Mewat Model School Nuh, District Mewat

Nuh June 19: – Yoga is the proper means of liberation from stress. Make yoga an important part of life and become a partner in the creation of a happy, healthy and prosperous nation. We all have the responsibility to take this yoga to the future generations. International Yoga Day is being celebrated on June 21 under the meaningful efforts made by the government to bring Yoga to the international level. This program is being celebrated in Mewat Model School in Mewat and a large number of people will be participating in it.
Pradip Ahlawat, the city’s president, said this while addressing yoga seekers, school students, officials and employees present on the final rehearsal of International Yoga Day at Mewat Model School on Tuesday. He said that yoga should be practiced by all people in their lifestyle and practicing yoga every day. This will remove many types of disorders. Yoga will only benefit more in a short period of time. Yoga can be not only mental but also physically physically also. Yoga actions can be easily done from children to the elderly. Kids will not only benefit from yoga but they will also benefit in their game. Yoga has been an integral part of our ancient culture and the sage Muni has inspired the common people to adopt it by underlining the benefits of various yoga and pranayamas.
On the last rehearsal held in Mewat Model School Nuh today, the municipality said that yoga is an ancient Indian system. By adopting yoga, man can maintain his life and body energy. Yoga only strengthens the body’s immune system, but also increases the efficiency of the work. He said that yoga has reached the country, but 177 countries of the world have echoed and Yog celebrations will be organized in these countries on June 21 on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Yoga is a special kind of comfort in life. Life by Yoga not only disciplines, but also the seeker’s mindset is positive. He said that the district administration has made all necessary arrangements for the purpose of successfully completing the function. The municipality instructed the concerned officers to complete all preparations for the function to be held on June 21, so that the district level function can be organized as per the instructions of the state government.
Patanjali Yog Peeth’s district in-charge Narendra Patel started the final rehearsal with Oum’s chant. They are responsible for the exercise of the exercise of the neck, operation, knee operation, palm posture, tree posture, pedestal posture, semi-round, triangle, Bhadrasan, Vajra asana, semi-ascetence, Vakrasana, Bhujangasan, Salabhasan, Setu Bandhasanan, Pawan Muktasan, Swavans and Kadalbhati in Pranayam, Analogy inverse, bharmari and meditation practiced.
On this occasion Pradip Ahlawat, the city’s president, said that on June 21, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, Labor and Employment Minister Naib Singh Saini will be the Chief Guest. On this occasion, Tehsildar Nuh Anil Kumar, District Child Welfare Officer, Viswas Malik, District Social Welfare Officer, Virendra Singh, District Primary Education Officer Anup Jakhar, Naib Tehsildar Sher Singh, Dr. Yashvir, Dr. Shansak, Dr. Manoj, from Ayush Department Department officials and Patanjali Yoga Peeth Other office bearers and other seekers were present.